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Welcome to the site.  Here you will learn more about the world of

 Curtis Chan and Family

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Our Family Mission

To live life to its fullest, enjoying all the blessings and love that Our God has given us, and to share this love to all our family and friends and those who surround us.

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Family Profile


Curtis - Husband and Father and Dentist.  Enjoys being with family and going on dates with his wife Mae.   Can't wait to go on their next family vacation (about every other month).  Strives to enhance and improve golf skills.  Still plays cello in the La Jolla Symphony (17th season)



Mae - Wife and Mother.  Creatively maintains a happy household.  Enjoys the  challenges of raising children and utilizing her talents as a Children's Ministry co-coordinator at  Church.  An amazing talent in creativity in organizing and putting together pictorial photo books.



Michelle - Almost 4 years old.   Loves to visit Disneyland regularly.  Enjoys the company of her younger brother.  Yellow is her favorite color (but sometimes its purple).  Likes to play hide and seek.  Very talented at doing puzzles (she actually can beat her dad).



Jonathan - Going to turn 2 years old in July.  Learning to pronounce words like an adult.  Still having difficulty saying please and thank you.  Attention span to almost 38 seconds.  Loves to smile and make others happy.  Broccoli is his a favorite food group


Grace - Recently joined our  family last August 26,  2003.  We traveled to Wuhan, China where we completed the adoption process and  received our dear precious Grace  on her 1st Birthday!!!  She loves her new family, especially her new brother and sister.


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