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Friday, October 30, 2015

Arrowood GC,   Oceanside, CA

Our long awaited day...The 2015 Seacoast Championship Finals...and our two finalist are


Pre Match  "Championship Match Final " Notes:

Ted Clinite  - One of the most improved golfers in our Seacoast Christian Golf Club,  he has taken his hovering 9.0-10.0 index down to as low as 6.9 this past year.  In fact, much of his improved play just took place in the past 5 months.  Ted has been working diligently on his game, and it looks like he has found some secrets to his swing which enable him to constantly post low scores.   Not only managing his skills on the golf course, he somehow also managed to heal up quickly after having  his forearm stitched up after a visit to a nearby urgent care unit for a severe cut.  Insider notes from his forecaddie disclosed that Ted almost had to withdraw from playoff contention this year, but somehow he found some secret homeopathic remedies and loaded up on Vitamin  C, K, E, and  D supplements which miraculously helped him  healed quickly.  But an additional  secret report from the plastic surgeons office showed that it was simple "super glue" that did the job to close up the wound and nature took its place.  Despite that fact that he was advised to lay off the clubs for 3 weeks, it was reported that Ted was back on the practice range after 5 days.   Ted's game is very sound.  He knows how to score and shoot low numbers.  This year he is even more focused at winning the cup.  He's been here before, and now he is hungrier than ever  He  has seen several opportunities at winning the cup slip out of his grasps over the years.   This year he has a game plan and if he continues to play as he has been doing for the past 6 months, he'll be tough to beat.  His key to win today is to play steady...post pars and birdies and not let the higher handicapper's stroke allotment be a factor.  Ted has groomed his game this year to be ready for Match Play competition... and today he will show case all the hard work and preparation he has made this year in this Final match.

Paul Deveau - has been also working on his game.   He's considered the second most improved golfer in our golf league.  He has taken his index from 17.4 to a respectable 14.2 this season.   Driving his ball onto the fairway consistently has been one aspect of his game that has blossomed.   Paul started playing with our group 3 years ago, and in 2013 lost in the early rounds of the playoffs.  Then last year he improved his game, but then found an early exit ticket after battling Geoff Baynes in a a 'Wild Card" playoff round.   This year he has been more focused.  Almost playing in all of our scheduled events this year, Paul has kept his name at the top of our leader board for most of the year.  His improved golf and course management skills has earned his way into the finals.   In a quarter final playoff round against Curtis Chan, he came 1 putt away from loosing his bid for the 2015 Cup when Curtis failed to make a long putt for a win.  This big win was a big morale booster for Paul...and ever since then he's been playing like a Champion.   His last round in the "Semi Finals" against Lee Fitzgerald was not much of a test to his game, as Lee ended up showing up with a compromised swing as he was injured.  But today, Paul will have the competition of his life...Ted...the seasoned very improved golfer...against Paul Deveau, a golfer who wants to show he is worthy of the cup.  Both will lay it on the line and will come down to:   "who can play their best today"? !  Paul will get 8 stokes today and if he can hang on and make those strokes count for net birdies, he will certainly have a chance to put his name on the trophy today.  This course at Arrowood GC is perfect for match play...with the tough back nine and finishing holes usually gives the higher handicapper the advantage.  The lower handicapper is forced to play his very best to the end .  This match will be a shootout and hopefully it will go all the way to #18.


Pre Game - Consolation Match  " Battle for 3rd Place"  Notes

Due to injury, Lee Fitzgerald had to withdraw from the competition and graciously let Kevin Barrett know how sorry he was for not being able to compete in the consolation match.  Kevin Barrett along with the tournament committee wish Lee all the best in his recovery and healing so that he will be ready for next season.  Kevin will finish this year as a 3rd Place Winner.

Congratulations to our low gross winners: 

Flight A - Ted Clinite (81)

Flight B-  Craig Johnson  (90) 

Flight C - Bruce Huebner  (90)

Our low net winner is:  Bruce Huebner  who posted a low net 67.

Below are the results:

Seacoast Christian Golf Club - Point System for 2015 -  Points awarded for Low Gross / Net  Placing





















Championship Finals























Hole by Hole / Match Notes

The Battle Match for the 2015 Cup

Match Details / Hole by Hole

note:  the accounts of this match was recorded and re transcribed for your viewing pleasure.  There is no claim by the hired reporter of the accuracy nor the emotional accounts and true thoughts of the players.  The reporter has reassured the tournament committee that the written account is what actually took place to the best of his knowledge and what he witnessed.

2015 Seacoast Cup Championship Final

Clinite vs. Deveau

Hole #1:  Both players came out with the "A" game swings, but a very shaky start for both players as they tee shots off the 1st tee box didn't find the fairways, leaving them shots out of the rough to the green from over 160 yards.  Paul somehow salvaged a bogey, while Ted trying to find some composure had to post a double on the first hole.  This totally put the momentum in Paul's favor as they moved to hole #2.   Deveau  1 UP 

Hole #2: But then on the lengthy par 5, Paul faded his drive towards the large and deep fairway bunker to find himself just barely missing the bunker, yet buried in grass on a steep slope.  Ted had a confidence drive that found the middle of the fairway.   Paul struggled and sprayed his 2nd shot into the left fairway bunker and proceeded to expend several more shots to save double bogey, while Ted calmly got up and down and tapped out for par.  The All Square Match, now put Ted back into the driver seat. 

Hole #3:  Both players arrived to the par 3 hole and carefully scoped out the distance.  An early morning wind proved to make the hole much longer than anticipated, but both players were able to get to the green, leaving themselves very lengthy 50+ footer putts.  Ted nicely got his put up to the cup and tapped out for par.  While Paul underestimated the speed of the green and came up short.  His three-foot par putt missed and he had to take a bogey.   Clinite  1UP

Hole #4:  Both players now faced the very treacherous and difficult handicap #2 Fourth Hole.  Ted missed hit his drive /or the wind somehow knocked it down and it settled short of the fairway bunker.  Paul hit a long drive that sailed right just off the fairway.  Knowing that he had a stroke on Ted, Paul took a chance and hit a low shot that rolled right onto the green just 15 feet from the cup.  Ted, realizing how important it was to win this hole, pulled out some magic and put his approach shot 20 feet from the cup.  Now it came down to the putts.  Ted two putted for a par, but Paul returned the favor and followed suit to par the hole too, but with his stoke he wrote down a net 3 for the score card and took the match to ALL SQUARE. 

Hole #5:  Both players played it safe and left their drivers in the bag on this short par 4.  Paul's tee shot sliced right making the hole a bit longer (150 yards to the hole), while Ted hit a solid utility club that almost went straight into the hillside bunkers.  Paul's second shot came up short off the green, while Ted struggled and ended up short of the green too.  Ted was unable to get up and down and had to settle for a bogey, while Paul failed to put his 3rd shot close to the cup, and a two put bogey left the match at All Square

Hoe #6:   The very short (235 yards) but very guarded par 4 green was waiting for the two players to show their skills.  Ted wisely laid up a shot to be within 75 yards.  Paul followed Ted's lead and placed his tee shot skillfully 45 yards from the hole.  It now all came to short game play.  Who could get up and down with a skillfully played pitch shot?   Ted went first and dropped his 2nd shot just 15 feet from the cup.   Paul was between clubs but decided to pull out his 56-degree wedge and also dropped his shot to the back of the green, but the ball rolled off 2 feet into the second cut.   Paul tried his best to get his putt to roll though the primary cut onto the green but the green wasn't as fast as he anticipated and he came up 3 feet short.  Ted again showed off his up and down talent and was conceded his tap in par.  Paul carefully lined up his "knee knocker 3 footer" but missed and had to settle for the bogey.   Clinite 1 UP

Hole #7:  Ted now sensing a momentum surge in his game, fired out a perfectly executed tee shot that settled 130 yards from the green.  Paul also sensing the need to make something happen, pulled out his driver and equaled Ted's tee shot to just about in the same vicinity as Ted's drive.  Both players now had to show their mental toughness and ability to showcase their mid iron play.  Ted went first and pulled his approach shot to the left side of the large green.  Paul calmly pulled out his 8 iron but hits it short and his ball ends up in the greenside bunker.  Paul successfully gets himself out of the bunker for a sand save attempt, but misses the putt to settle for a bogey.  Ted methodically two putted for par.  Clinite 2 Up

Hole #8:  Now the match was heating up for Paul.  Missed hitting his approach shot into a bunker on the previous hole is not what he wanted.  Now the lengthy par 3 was in site and Paul need to make something happen.  Ted hit his shot short of the hole.  Paul hit his shot long and wide.  Both of them had difficulties getting up and down and settled for a bogey, but Paul had the stroke and won the hole.   Clinite 1 UP

Hole #9:  The par 5 hole is where one can really count on a birdie attempt and both players were anticipating the opportunity score well.  But as soon as both player hit their tee shots, they realized they were in for a tough run on the 9th.  Ted drive was short and left near the fairway bunker.  Paul sliced his drive to the right.  Both tried desperately to recover from their mediocre drives with a booming second shot.  Ted pulled out his hybrid 3 wood and sliced it far right.  Paul took his second shot to the left, leaving a very long 3rd shot.  After 5 minutes of searching for Ted's ball that sliced into the environmentally sensitive habitat hazard, he was forced to take a drop with a penalty for his 4th shot.  Paul sensing an opportunity, sliced his next shot close to the rocks on the right side short of the green. Both players showed signs of extreme pressure in their short games as no one came close to par and by the time it was all added up, Ted scored a double bogey, and Paul had to take the dreaded "snowman 8."    Clinite  2 UP

Hole #10:  With a 2 Up lead, Ted now realized his quest to the 2015 Cup was starting to get within reach.  But Paul was the only one that could take that dream away.  Paul, after calming his thoughts down on the 10th tee, realized what a missed opportunity he had by making a mess with his score in #9.  Ted, who rarely makes a big score took a double bogey, and that par 5 has always been kind to Paul.  He realized he had to buckle down and get to business if he was to take this match to the end.  Both players tried to carve their drives.  But Ted hit the booming shot of the day and ended up 10 yards off the green.   Paul ended up in the greenside rough near the right fairway trips but had a 75 yard shot to the green.  With his will power and great composure, Paul carefully hit a delicate shot out of the rough to within 12 feet of the cup.  Ted felt the pressure and realized he had to make his short chip shot count.  Digging deep into his muscle memory bank and relying on all practice shots he made in his backyard, he calmly chipped his ball to within 6 inches of the cup.  Paul could only shake his head in amazement as to the quality of shot he just saw Ted make.  Or course the putt was conceded for Ted's birdie.  Now Paul had to showcase his putting skills to make a tie.  With 12 feet to negotiate, Paul carefully calculated all the factors of which his putt should break to the left.  But after hitting his birdie stroke, a big groan came out of his voice as he didn't hit the putt enough to get to the hole.  Unfortunately for Paul, a birdie is what he had to have to slow down the momentum in Ted's "golf train"…but now the score has gone to   Clinite 3 UP

Hole #11:  Paul appeared a bit rattled and perplexed as made his way to the 11th tee box.  Ted just made birdie on a spectacular drive, an amazing chip shot and a tap in birdie.  Now Paul had to somehow focus and return the favor to Ted.  With the Par 3 hole staring him in the face Paul waited to see how Ted's tee shot ended.  Ted somehow miscalculated the wind and his ball came out short.  Realizing that the wind normally blows away on this hole, Paul carefully took note what the wind was doing..., but today, the wind was directly in his face.  He went back to his bag, and clubbed up after seeing Ted's ball come up short.  But after putting a nice swing on his ball, Paul hit it a bit "fat" and the ball ended up short of the green.  Now it was a battle of short game skills.  Ted hit his next shot short of the pin to within 15 feet.  Paul sensing the pressure to get it close, flew by the hole and now had a difficult downhill putt.  Paul had to go next and reading the green became very intense realizing that he "had to hole out" to put pressure on Ted.  The putt went long past the hole missing the edge of the hole.  Ted also misread the put and couldn't save his par.  Both players settled on bogies and the score remained   Clinite 3 UP

Hole #12:  Both players got off great tee shots leaving them less than 150 yards to the green.  Again it was a factor of who could negotiate the winds and calculate which club would put them close.  Ted placed a 7 hybrid which got him just left side of the green.  Paul somehow missed the sweet spot on his clubface and his ball landed short into the bunker.  Getting out of the bunker short, left him a very difficult uphill par saving putt.  But after watching Ted misread his par putt which still left him 4 feet away from the cup to save bogey, Paul tried to ram his putt into the cup for a win...but the putt rolled off line and missed long, which left him a difficult downhill putt from 3 feet.  Paul missed his bogey putt which would have won him the hole, but the double bogey (net bogey) was all he could salvage as the match score remained   Clinite 3 UP

Hole #13:  The Par 5 awaited their play, but this time the wind became a factor.  Both drives were knocked down leaving 300+ yards to the green.   Ted hit a very nice 2nd shot leaving himself 110 yards to the hole.  Paul's second shot got knocked down by the wind leaving him a mid-iron shot of 150 yards.   When he put his 3rd shot to the green, Paul felt he had enough to get to the hole, but again the wind played a big factor and his ball fell onto the hill side and the ball rolled back leaving a difficult chip shot.  Ted thought had the right swing to get to the green, but his short iron shot also came out short into the bunker.  He opened the door for Paul when he left his bunker sand shot still 8 feet from the cup to save par.   Paul now had to make something happen realizing that he needed to win this hole to put pressure on Ted.  But leaving his 3rd shot short of the green even made the next shot even harder.  Paul's chip shot was perfectly placed as it rolled 5 inches from the cup for a tap in par.   Ted's sand par saving putt was slightly off line, and he had to settle for a tap in bogey for the score card ...Clinite  2 UP


 Hole #14:  Downwind, the players now realized the benefit of riding the wind for their next shots.  Ted launches a tee shot right down the middle to 115 yards away from the hole.  Paul now sensing the gravity of the next few holes, took a deep breath and visualized a nice drawing drive riding the wind to match Ted's...but as soon as he struck his ball he knew his ball was going to fly right.  Coming out short of the fairway bunkers, Paul had a difficult blind shot to the hole (pin back right) 145 yards out.  He sensed the wind was blowing hard, so he backed off on his 7 iron and pulled out the 8...and choking down to deliver a lower flying shot, Paul got a nice shot off going directly at the pin...but has the ball came closer to the green, the ball sailed over the green and settled 3 feet above the green on the second cut., leaving Paul a difficult downhill chip or putt to the hole.  Ted also had a tough time negotiating the wind and his approach shot flew long over the green leaving a difficult downhill putt.  Knowing that the ball might roll heavily to the cup, Paul decided to play it safe, but his ball ended up rolling off line and short leaving him a 10 footer for par.   Ted expertly lagged up his difficult putt just 18 inches from the cup leaving himself a great chance at par.   Paul tried his best to drop his par saving putt, but it rolled past the cup and he ended up with a bogey.  Ted calmly putted out to save his par.   Clinite 3 UP

Hole #15:  Now with 4 holes remaining to play, Ted had a 3 up lead, but Paul had 3 strokes left in his back pocket on the final 3 holes.  Paul knew he had to get back into this match by playing his best on this hole.  The pin was nicely tucked on the back tier where most players failed to club up.  Leaving a putt short would only put yourself in 3 putt territory.  Ted went first but came out a bit short with an 18-foot uphill putt.  Paul went next and somehow got the wind to carry his ball long and left of the pin, yet it settled on the upper tier leaving a 25 footer.  Paul sized up the putt and under pressure put his putt just inches from the cup.  Ted again showed his composure and placed his putt right on target, but also missed by a few ball widths.  Both putts were conceded for pars and onto the next hole they went.   Clinite 3 UP 

Hole #16 - The toughest hole on the course.  This hole requires a gutsy long drive to get onto the green in regulation, and great poise in golf shot set up as there are no flat lies to the green from 120 yards on out.  The wind typically blows into your face and it takes good decisions on what kind of shot will bring you success.   Both players know that many matches from year's past have been determined on what happens on this hole.  For Paul, being 3 down, he knew he had to win this crucial hole or else his.   match is over.  But having three holes with 3 strokes is a big luxury.  Ted only knew that if he played his game he should be able to fend off any attack that Paul might bring on.   Ted took the tee first and like a machine, solidly placed his ball down the middle of the fairway...and with the wind blowing in his ball carried just past the concrete cart path leaving about 135 yards to the cup.   After seeing Ted's monster drive, Paul realized if he was to make anything happen he had to also hit a nice drive.  Sizing up his launch angel, Paul took aim and let his driver go...but as he watched his ball leave the club face, he realized that his ball was rapidly drifting left directly heading for the left lateral hazard.  Both players watched closely as Paul's ball flew towards some large boulders.  A loud "smack" sound was heard as the ball hit the rock, but there was no way to determine where the ball found its final resting place.  Disappointed with his drive, Paul realized that he may have just handed the match over to Ted, but he determined that he wasn't going to give us and declared calmly that he was going to hit a "provisional" ball.  His next drive perfectly flew down the right side of the fairway.   After driving down the hilly fairway, a big smile was found on Paul's face as he found his first ball, in the middle of the fairway.  His ball originally had gone way off the course, but got completely re diverted back onto the course with also some distance.  Paul was left with 175 yards to the green, plus he had a stroke.  What a relief....to find his errant ball, and to have a chance to get on the green in two was almost a miracle.   Paul sized up all the factors and executed an incredible 2nd shot to put his ball just 20 feet below the cup for birdie.  Ted now sensed a momentum shift.  First off, the chances of Paul's ball being in play after watching his tee shot fly 20 yards into the hazard was slim.  Yet "somehow" the ball hit a rock at an incredible angel to launch back onto the fairway and now he just witnessed Paul get his ball onto the green in two.   Ted now knew he had to at least get his ball onto the green.  He again, pulled out his favorite 9 hybrid and rather than smoothly striking the ball, he hit the ball "fat" and topped the ball so that it "worm burned" its way into the water hazard.   What a change in events...Ted realized that now he was in the "ditch" and had to find a way to dig out.  After taking a penalty stroke and a drop, he hit his 4th shot (58 yards) above the cup leaving a tough downhill putt from 23 feet away.    Ted tried to make his putt, but left the ball 10 inches from the cup.  Paul sensed a major turn in events, and proceeded to lag his putt just inches from the cup for a tap in par (net birdie) to win the hole.  Ted had to take the double bogey and only could say..."let's go to the next hole."   Clinite 2 UP

 Hole #17:  With some life in his game, Paul realized this match was now a "one hole at a time"  match.   He had to win the last three holes and so far 1 down...two to go.  Paul got his drive off, but left a rather long 165 yards to the elevated hole.   Ted calmly collected his thoughts and told himself that he just had to tie or win this hole and the match would be over.  But lurking in the back of his mind was that Paul still had another stroke to use on this hole.  Ted showcased his playoff experience and easily launched a perfect drive to 140 yards from the cup.  Paul had the honors and took out his 5 iron which got his second shot short and left of the green.   Ted placed his second shot in the middle of the green 15 feet from the cup.   Now Paul again realized he had to get his ball close to tap out for par (net birdie), but his chip shot took a hard bounce and stopped very short of the hole, leaving a lengthy par putt from 20 feet.  Paul was again up for the next shot and the pressure started to manifest itself, as Paul took extra time to study his putt.  It was a "must get it in" putt or else the game would be over.  Paul's attempt to get the ball in was on target, but the hilly slope kept the ball from rolling all the way, and it stopped 1 foot short of the hole.   Paul had to settle for a bogey (net par).  Ted then took aim on his 20 footer and cleanly put his birdie try on line…but his ball stopped short 5 inches from the cup.  His tap in par sealed the deal...and both players removed their caps as Ted just won the match...and the top honors of becoming the 2015 Seacoast Cup Champion.   Clinite  def. Deveau   2 and 1


Congratulations to Ted Clinite for Winning the
2015 Seacoast Championship Cup


Post Match Interview :  After the round, both players were willing to take photos and field questions about the match.   Paul said "Today was my chance to win the trophy...but I couldn't get the job done.  Ted played well as is his norm..he doesn't make too many mistakes..but he opened a few doors today...in fact at least 3 times..but I only took advantage of one opportunity which helped me win a hole.  All the other times, like on #9 when he went into the hazard and took a double, I blew it and took an 8.  Then on #12, I had a stroke plus an opportunity to win a hole when he made a bogey...yet I doubled..and there you go...missed opportunities.  But I have to say if I had to loose a match...I would gladly loose to a nice guy and golfer who played well.  Today was Ted's day and I'm happy for him.  Ted has been stellar all golf season and he truly earned his way to the cup.  I'll retool and be ready for next year ."  

After filtering through the media and photographers we were able to sit down with Ted to discuss his achievement.  Ted said.." I am really happy that I finally won the cup.  For the past 3 years I've made my way into the playoffs, but someone would have a great match play day and knock me out.  This year I focused on playing more consistent and striking skills.  It really paid off as I've been posting really decent rounds and my index reflect all the hard work I've put into my game.   Today Paul truly gave it a run.  I can recall a couple of holes where I went into the hazard and still ended up winning the hole..I think on #9.  Then I make a great chip shot on #10 for the tap in birdie.  Somehow I made a bombing drive that rolled almost all the way to the green.  When I got the 3up lead I felt in control of the match.  But then on #16 when Paul seemingly lost his tee shot, but found it and then proceeded to save par....wow..I got a little worried and some thoughts came back to me with memories of past playoffs where I lost the match..and I said...'Here we go again'....but I settled in on #17 and was able to finish the match.  It was just those few holes that got me to this result.  Paul is a good friend and I hope he continues to improve his game so that next year he'll have another crack at the Cup.  I'm now going to be part of this elite group of Seacoast Cup Champions who have earned this special trophy and I'm going to do my best to defend it next year."




Congratulations to Craig Johnson for having a strong second half of the golf season and playing steady in the Player's Cup division to earn enough points to maintain the lead and win the  2015  Player's Cup trophy.

Craig Johnson lost early in our playoff season by taking a loss to Ryan Alexander back in September in the Wild Card -top 16.  But after that, Craig never looked back and in fact was never defeated in the Player's Cup division.  He proved he has game and racked up enough points to overcome several players who were trying to chase him down.  Bill Abrell (age 90) came close as he kept showing up to our events and although he plays from the "forward" tees, he has proven to all of us if you keep on showing up and playing "The Game"...you might be able to "Shoot your Age"....Bill is a great example of this !!  Congratulations to Craig for Winning the 2015 Players Cup division.  And a congrats to Bill Abrell for coming in second.


After all the points were allocated to winners,  here below are the final standing.

Next Event : Friday,  November 13, 2015   Place:  Twin Oaks GC   7:30a "Shotgun" start

Breakfast of Champions Event / "Lunch of Champions Awards"  cost   $62 includes golf and lunch

This is our formerly "Breakfast of Champions" event but has been re titled as " Lunch of Champions Awards / Prizes" where we present the winning trophy to our new winner - Ted Clinite 2015 Seacoast Cup Champion.   We will also honor and award trophies to several of our winners .  Also  raffle prizes from  New Adams Drivers to Putters, Golf Apparel , Free Rounds of Golf , will be available to win for those who show up.


6:30a - get to  course..warm up  / President Cup captains  Ted Clinite and Craig Johnson will divide the field up into teams

7:30a - competition begins  :  Match Play  / Team Scramble / Individual Low Gross / Low Net Competitions /  Closest to Pins / Long Drives

12-noon - 12:30p  Grilled Hamburgers / chips and sodas - Awards Meeting /   Prizes / Tall Tales of golf accomplilshments

1:30p   Done

To get your spot and to play in this event, reply back to Curtis

SCGA MEMBERSHIP DUES - Renewal Notice - all players who want to continue their handicapping services through our club need to pay the $45 Renewal Fee by Dec 27, 2015.   Please pay now so that your official indexing and membership services through the SCGA are not compromised..  Make checks out to Curtis Chan DDS  /

Send to:  5049 Ruette De Mer,   San Diego,  CA  92130

Upcoming Events:

Winter Event - Barona GC     10:30a start   $70   Friday, December 11 (payments required ahead to time to get your spot.)

2015 Seacoast Christian GC End of Year Events





Friday, November 13



President's Cup Format

Lunch of Champions Awards following golf event



Twin Oaks GC

Golf w/ lunch $62


Friday, December 11





Winter Event



Barona GC 

10:30a start

$70 (fees must be paid in advance)


SCGA Membership Dues



2016 SCGA Renewal - $45

Deadline Dec 27, 2015


(If unpaid, your Ghin/SCGA golf indexing services will be terminated)



Make checks payable to

Curtis Chan DDS



5049 Ruette De Mer

San Diego, CA  92130



Next Years Calendar  of  Events 2016

Event 1           Friday, January 8, 2016

Event 2           Friday, February 5, 2016 

Event 3           Friday, March 11, 2016 

Event 4           Friday, April 15, 2016 

Event 5           Friday, May 6, 2016 

Event 6           Friday, June 3, 2016 

Event 7           Friday, July 15, 2016

Event 8           Friday, August 12, 2016 

Event 9          Friday, September 2, 2016

Event 10        Friday, September 16, 2016 

Event 11        Friday, September 30, 2016 

Event 12        Friday, October 14, 2016 

Event 13        Friday, October 28, 2016 

Event 14        Friday, November 18, 2016 

Event 15        Friday, December 9, 2016


Note:  Summer None Golf League Event - "Golf Extravaganza"  Fri/Sat July 8-9, 201 

Playoff  Season Calendar 2016

2016 Seacoast Cup Playoff Calendar of Events




Match Points



 Event 9

Friday, September 2


Top 20 Match Play

Top seeds vs. lowest seeded players of
Top 20 in "Match Play" competition. Top 16 players move onto next round. All other players compete in "Player's Bracket."  Points earned for match play win/tie, gross / net scoring.







Event 10

Friday, September 16

Wild Card Match Play

Top 16 Players are matched up according to their points totals:  The top 8 Players advance to "Quarter Finals."  All other players compete in "Player's Bracket". Points earned for match play win/tie, gross / net scoring.




Rancho Bernardo Inn  GC


Event 11

Friday, September 30

Quarter Finals Match Play

#1 Seed player vs. #8,  #2 vs. #7, etc.   4 Players who win matches move on. Rest of field competes in "Player's Bracket". Points earned for match play win/tie, gross / net scoring.





Event 12

Friday, October 14

Semi Finals Match Play

#1 Seed player vs. #4, #2 vs. #3,  Winners move onto to Championship Finals.  All others compete in "Player's Bracket." Points earned for match play win/tie, gross / net scoring.





Event  13

Friday, October 18

Championship Finals

Our 2 winners from the Semi Finals meet up to determine our Champion.  Consolation match also conducted to determine 3rd and 4th place.  Player's Bracket Winner will be determined...total points.  Points earned for match play win/tie, gross / net scoring.




Friday, November 18

Breakfast of Champions Awards / President's Cup Format Play


Friday, December 9

Winter Event






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