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Adoption Journey

After having two beautiful children of our own, we felt compelled and led by the Lord to seek out the possibilities of adopting a girl from China.  In 2002, some very close friends of ours adopted a precious little girl from China.  We witnessed their journey and after they completed the process, we realized that since we wanted to have a larger family, what better way to complete our family by opening our hearts to a needy, and waiting child, who has no family, mother or father.  Our research on the thousands of abandoned children of China, and their desperate need to find loving homes, finalized our decision to bring a baby girl into our family.

The journey to adopt can be long and tedious, but those who are willing to dig into the process will always find the "pot of gold" at the end of the rainbow.  Giving a young homeless child, a second chance at life....to live in a loving home, here in the USA (the best country on this planet) with so many opportunities to live a fruitful and productive life,  is priceless.  There is no doubt in our minds, that we made one of the best decisions of our lives when we decided to adopt.

The adoption agency and organization who we used is called WACAP - World Association for Children and Parents. (www.wacap.org)

In 2003 we brought home our dear and loving Grace.  She became our "Amazing" Grace and has given us so many opportunities to show our love, patience and joy as we all grow together.  As the months went by as we settled into our family size of 5 ( two girls, one boy), we somehow found ourselves again filling out an application to adopt another child. 

In 2005 we again found ourselves traveling to China but this time we brought home a little boy.  Matthew opened himself up immediately to home life,  and what a bundle of energy he has brought to our family.

There are so many stories and details of how we went from point A to point B in the adoption process.  Some people may consider it frustrating at times, but if you have a guide and an encourager to help, the journey becomes so much more easier.  We would love to help share our experience and knowledge of our adoption to anyone who desires to learn more on how they can also be a part of the process of uniting a child to a loving home.  Please contact us if you desire more information or have any questions.

Curtis and Mae

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