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The Chan Adoption Journey - Chapter 1 "Finding Grace"




Dear Family and Friends

Here are some pictures as well as an update on our trip.  We now have Grace !!!!
These pictures may take a minute to load.

After 16 hours of travel, we are now here in Wuhan, China.  Thanks to all your prayers, we  all feel your love and support on this journey.  We safely made it to our destination today to the White Rose Hotel.  We met up with 11 other couples who we've been grouped with to go through this adoption process together.  We received exciting news that the China Adoption Affairs office decided to let our group meet and receive our babies a day earlier.  For us, that meant that we would meet Grace on her 1st Birthday. 

The meeting went so very well.  All the babies scream and cried when they were handed off to their new parents.  Only 2 babies didn't cry.  And can you guess, our Grace didn't cry.  She just took in the entire situation of crying and screaming babies and smiled at us and within minutes she was giggling.  Of course it really helps to be of Chinese decent in this situation.  

We went back to our hotel room shortly after receiving our new daughter and it was such a delight to play together and get acquainted with each other.  She really has bonded with Mae, and loves balloons and bubbles.

Tonight we are going to go our to have our first meal together to celebrate this unbelievable gift from God.  We are so overjoyed and  we will keep you up to date over next few days.

With all our Love,

Curtis, Mae,  and Baby Grace



Chan Adoption Journey - Chapter 2 "Knowing Grace"




Dear Family and Friends

Here is another update with photos...it may take a minute to download these pictures. Enjoy.

Our time with our new Grace is so special.  Each hour we learn more about her and she learns about us and it is so fun to get acquainted with each other.  We know what makes her laugh and giggle.  Mommy and baby are creating such a bond.  She always wants Mae to be very close to her.  The love she is getting from us, especially from her new Mommy must be overwhelming, but much needed.  You can see the inner joy and comfort she feels on her face and the look on her eyes that says…"Thank you…I'm finally home."

The fact that she is eating, napping, and sleeping well, indicates that she is adjusting well to her new situation.  Most of the babies in our adoption group have all adjusted well.  We returned yesterday to the Chinese Adoption Affairs Office for our formal interviews.  The bus ride was an entirely different scene going back to where we recently received our babies.  24 hours earlier just about all the babies were hollering and screaming, but this time there was such a cute scene of content babies with their new parents…there was a lot of laughing by the parents as to this big change in the children's temperament in such a short period. 

The Adoption interview process took almost 3 hours for our group.  Fortunately the waiting room area was air conditioned as the outside temperature here in Wuhan rises into the mid 90's each day with thick humidity that you can cut with a knife.

We are now officially new parents.  We must wait for a day or so for Grace's passport to be issued.   In the  mean  time  our  adoption  escort  guide  has arranged  for  us to go site seeing  and  shopping.

Before Grace went to bed tonight, we introduce her to Daddy's profession..."the wonderful world of tooth brushing"…she learns very fast.


Keep us in your prayers that our trip continues to be safe as we will need to be here in China for 10 more days to compete the adoption process.

In God's Love and Loving Care,

Curtis, Mae, and Baby Grace




Chan Adoption Journey - Chapter 3 "Enjoying Grace"




Dear  Family  and  Friends

It  is now  day  six,    half  way  though  our  journey  of  our  adoption  trip.  Grace  is  getting  used  to  her  new  parents  and  we are  getting  used to  her.   We have  settled  into  our  'hotel  life'  routine.    Most  of  our   time  is  just  waiting  for  the  next  step in  the  adoption  process.   On  Sunday,  we  went  and  visited a  Chinese  Christian  Church  in Wuhan  were we  and  3  other  couples  with our babies  were  welcomed  with  open arms.    There was  no  translation  but  we could sense  the  joy   and  happiness  which  flowed  out from all the  Christians  that  were worshiping  together.  We  estimated  about 400.

Grace  is  making  strides each  day  in accepting  us  into  her  life.   She  really  enjoys  bath  time,  shopping, and  playing  with  the  other  babies  as  well  as playing  by  herself..   She  can  even  say  "Ma  Ma"  and  "Ba Ba"  when  prompted.   She loves  music  and likes  to  sing.   She  really  babbles  a lot  and  pretends  she  is  carrying  on a  conversation  with you.

As  you  can  see, we  are so  proud  of  her  and  thank   God  for  our  precious  Gift. 

I like visiting  the Wuhan Museum today

When traveling  about  through the city, our  group  attracts  a lot  of  attention  and  people   swarm  around  us,  to listen and hear  anything  we  have  to  say.  If one bold  Chinese  citizen comes  up  to  talk  with  us, within  minutes,  you'll  have 20-30  people  standing  and even crowding in  to  see  and  hear  what is  going  on.    When  they  hear  that  we  have  come  to  adopt these  babies          to  bring  them  home  to  be  a  part  of our families, we get so  much praise and thanks from  these  people  and  they  say  they are so   happy for  these  babies.   We  also return thanks to  them and  we  let  them  know  how we  appreciate China for allowing  us to  have  these  children.
Today  is Monday…Labor Day…and  we are off  to take  our  babies  on  their first  airplane  flight to  Guangzhou,  to visit  the  American Consulate.  We are  going  to be staying  at  the White Swan Hotel…we  have heard  that this is a  very fine  hotel.

Enjoy  these photos….

Bottle Feeding  Time

I  love  cake  !!

We had  fun  at  the Park  today

Until  Next  Time....We  love  you all...

Curtis,  Mae,  and Baby Grace




Chan Adoption Journey - Chapter 4 "Living with Grace"




Dear Family and Friends

We are on our last leg of our   China Trip.  Grace  has been  such a good trooper in moving to our  next  destination   We  are now  in  South Western China  in a very  large city  called Guangzhou,  a  city  with  a  population over  7  million  and has a history  going  back  2800  years.  The  American  consulate  is  located  here in  this  city  and all  people desiring  to   come  to the  United  States  must  get  a  visa here.  

Grace's first plane fight was fun. She  and  all the  other  children  were  very excited  to  board the  jet and  they  all did well.   Our  group again  turned  a lot  of  heads and  we  drew a lot of  attention from  the  local  people.

My Very  First  Plane  Ride

It took us  about  5  hours  to  go from our hotel in Wuhan,  to  the  White  Swan  Hotel in  Guangzhou.    We are situated in  a part of  town  that  has  had  a  lot of  British  influence in terms of city  layout  and architectural design.  The  hotel here  is  full  of  families  who  are here  to  bring  their  adopted  Chinese  children back  to the USA.    At breakfast  time  it  is  quite  the  scene  to  see  50-80  couples  in  the dining room  all  feeding  their  cute  little baby girls.

Getting My  First  Medical Exam in  Guangzhou 

Today  we  officially took  our  oath  at  the  American Consulate's office  to make  it official  that  we are  going  to  bring  home   our  Grace.   Mae and  I  are so very  excited  to  come  home….we really  miss  our  little  ones,  Michelle  and  Jonathan.    But thanks  to  Curtis'  brother, Clifford,  and sister-in-law  Noreen ,  they  are  being well  taken  care  of.

I still love  my  Bottle

We are getting a bit tired of hotel life, and going out to eat.   It's  a  good  thing  that  food  here is  rather  inexpensive.   For  the  cost  of going to McDonalds fast food in  the United  States,  one could  have a full  5-6  course Chinese Cuisine meal in  an  elegant  setting  ($6-7/person).   When  we  get  home,  our little Grace is  going  to  have a little  shock  when  she  realizes  that  all  meals  don't   involve going  to a  restaurant.

Living this past week with Grace has been incredible.   It's amazing to see how she has fully accepted us.   Just  10  days  ago she was  living  in  an  orphanage  and  now   she  is  living with  the  Chan Family  in  a  5  star  hotel…what  a  contrast.   When we get home  Mae and I  keep telling  each  other  that Grace is going to  be  enrolled  in  "Baby Boot  Camp"  where  she  will  come  to  understand what real  family life is all  about, and  that  waking  up  in a very  nice  hotel  room  is  not  an  every day event.

My  daddy  calls  this  picture  "Tiny  Bubbles"

Again, thank you all for all your love, support and prayers.  We'll be home  soon!

Curtis, Mae, and   Baby Grace



Sent: Monday, September 08, 2003 4:19 AM

Subject: Chan Adoption Journey - Chapter 5 "Amazing Grace" 

Dear Family and Friends

We are home !!  Our Adoption journey has come to an end and we are happy to report that all is very well.  Our group made our finalized adoption formalities with a swearing in ceremony at the American Consulate's office in Guangzhou China.  There were  close to 80 children processed that day.  Last Friday, we made the 21 hour trip back to San Diego.  Grace did very well on the trip.

I had fun on my first Boeing 747 experience

We came home to our family and little ones, Michelle and Jonathan who lovingly accepted their new sister.

We are all now settling back into family life and want to thank all of you for your thoughts and especially your prayers.  The Lord has been so merciful to us in this entire adoption journey which began about 1 year ago.  These past 2 weeks have been just one incredible experience which Mae and I have encountered which we will talk about and remember for a long time.  We look forward to introducing our new daughter to you.

In retrospect, it is hard to fathom that one year ago, this beautiful little girl was abandoned and left homeless.  And through our adoption journey, we have been matched and have been given this precious gift. We are so happy to be the proud parents of our "Amazing Grace".

Love, Curtis and Mae



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