Seacoast Christian

Golf Club an affiliate club of the Southern California Golf Association

Membership Renewal - each year beginning Oct 1 - Dec 31 the renewal process for updating your records and payment for your SCGA Membership through our affiliate club, Seacoast Christian Golf Club for the following year.  The renewal fee is $40.  All members will be notified via email regarding renewals.  If you do not desire to renew then don't respond to the renewal process and don't pay the renewal fee.  Your name and membership number for SCGA indexing / handicap services will be deleted automatically. 

note: Golfers who fail to renew, but later desire to reactivate their membership will be charged a $50 reactivation / membership fee.

Renewal Fees are to paid to:  Curtis Chan DDS

Checks in the amount of $40

Curtis Chan DDS
5049 Ruette De Mer
San Diego, CA  92130

Deadline is December  27, 2013   to renewal for 2014.

Note: Highlighted Names are those who have paid or have expressed intentions to pay for 2014 SCGA Membership



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