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Seacoast Christian

Golf Club an affiliate club of the Southern California Golf Association


Playoff Season Results: 

Seacoast Christian GC -  Quarter Finals / Friday October 2, 2015 Results Page - Click

Seacoast Christian GC - Semi- Finals / Friday October 16, 2015 Results Page  click

Seacoast Christian GC - Championship Final / Friday October 30, 2015 Results Page  Click



Next Event:  Friday November 13,  2015     Twin Oaks  GC   Shotgun Start  7:30a   start   

$62/player  includes Hamburger Lunch following golf

We'll have our end of year annual meeting plus Awards / Crown our new Champion / Raffle Golf Prizes




Welcome to Seacoast Christian GC -  Our group has been in playing together since 1998.   In 2004, our club became an official Southern California Golfer's Association (SCGA) affiliate club, where members can obtain an official monthly golf index, and enjoy the membership benefits the SCGA has to offer (www.SCGA.org).  Our golf club is open to golfers of all levels who desire to have an enjoyable time meeting and playing together with other golfers in the bond of Christian fellowship.

We have monthly events on Fridays, where we visit the many beautiful and challenging golf courses in the San Diego area.  Players will be invited via email each month for the following months' event.  A point system is in place to award players for good play and also a measure on how they competed against players of their own golf skill.  During the months of September - November, tournament golf committee holds the annual Seacoast Cup Championship.   Players who are in the top 20 on the monthly leader board are invited to play in "Match Play" format.   Players who do not qualify as a top 20 player may still compete in a separate competition bracket we have called "The Player's Bracket."

Playing Format

 The Seacoast Cup Tournament Committee has instituted the following playing format.  Depending on the size of the field of players, the playing field will be divided in the "A", "B" and "C" Flights.  Flights of players will be determined by player's official monthly golf index and golf course handicap.   Each flight will consist of 6-12 players of similar playing ability.   For example:


Flight "A"   Handicap - 0-13

Flight "B"   Handicap   14-20

Flight "C"  Handicap   21 -36

 note:  if size of field demands, extra flights will be instituted.

This format will allow the playing field to compete in "Gross"  stroke play against players of similar playing ability.   For "Net" scoring  there will be no flights as the net scores will be compared with the full field of players.


Players with no official monthly golf index will be placed in a flight that meets their golf skill.  They do not qualify for "Net" scoring.   Those players who play without an official golf index will earn a max of 5 points for participation, and their gross scores will be entered as a "net" score when compared against the field of players.

There will be two "Major" events in the month of April and July where the points value and points available to win are significantly increased.

Come on out and get in our data base and have a fun time.

For more details on membership visit:  Membership Seacoast Christian GC

Seacoast Cup Playoff Season - (September - November).  If you have been playing in this golf group for over 5 years then you know that after August, our playoff season begins.  Match Play format is instituted for our rounds, in addition to our low gross/low net play.  With the added element of "match play," players get to stir up their competitive juices and bring out their game faces to bring out the best golf they've ever played.   Many players have shown their "A" game, while others find how difficult it is to play golf when everything is on the line.

This year, the Golf Tournament Committee has reviewed the last few seasons and have instituted a few new elements to our "Playoff Season."  If a player has sufficient points to be in the "Top 20" then he will qualify to participate in the Seacoast Cup - "Champions" bracket, which will determine our club champion.  Below is the playoff calendar of events.   Note that events will take place every 2 weeks until November.

1. No more "Bye" weeks for our top 4 players.   All players will continue to earn points in our playoff season.  The "Top 20" and "Wild Card" rounds will take the top 20 and top 16 players (total points) respectively.  This will allow players to possibly lose a match, but still continue in the playoffs if they have the points to sustain their level to be part of the top 16.  Only when we get to the Quarter Finals will there be eliminations for losing a match.

2. Players will continue to reply back to event invite emails to obtain their spots for the event.   If a "Top 20" player desires not to participate in an upcoming event, then the next seeded player (#19) will then be given the opportunity to play in the "Champions" bracket.

3. "Match Play" points will have an increased value per playoff event.   The deeper one goes into the playoffs, the more value for a match play win.  For the "Top 20" and "Wild Card" events,  players who's match ends in a TIE will split the earned points.  Tie matches in subsequent events will have a "tie-breaker" sudden death playoff...see below.

4. "Player's Cup Bracket" - for those who don't qualify or have fallen out of the "Championship Cup" bracket, your points total will transfer into the "Player's Bracket."   In the Player's Bracket, players will be matched up with other players in the same bracket to have match play competition.  Points will also be earned for Wins and Ties.   Value for Player's Bracket wins are 250 points.  All Players who fall short of making it to the Semi-Final Championship bracket qualify for the "Player's Bracket."  There will be no TIE breakers for tie matches in the Player's Bracket.  Points will be split between the two players.


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