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San Diego Dental Golf Group an affiliate club of the Southern California Golfer’s Association



Future Events for the San Diego Dental Golf Group (SDDGG)

Our dental golf group is open to all levels of players who are involved in the dental profession.  Our group’s mission is to inspire and cultivate new bonds of friendships, have fun and competition on the golf course, and to allow us all the chance to improve our golf game.  For any questions about our group you can contact any of the following co-chairmen.

 Your Co-Chairmen for SDDGG:

Dr. Chuck White

membership/special events chairman


Dr. Curtis Chan

handicap/event chairman







Quarterly Local Events for San Diego Dental Golf Group 2012


  1. Winter Tournament / 4 Ball Event  Friday , December 9, 2011 8:00a start 


  1. Spring Tournament /  day event   March 16, 2012  (Friday  ) 


  1. Summer Classic / 1 day event  June 22, 2012  (Friday)


  1. Fall Classic / 1 day event   October 13, 2012 (Saturday)   


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