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Seacoast Christian

Golf Club an affiliate club of the Southern California Golf Association



2008 Seacoast Cup

The Seacoast Cup - Our golfing season begins in January and goes all though December. There will be at least one event each month.  In September,  the top 12 seeded players will square off in match play events though the end of the year to determine our club champion.  The top 4 players with the highest total points earned through the year will be exempt from the first round of match play and will receive a buy round.  Seeded players 5-12 will be matched up on September 16 for the "Wild Card" match rounds.  The winners from the "Wild Card Matches" will then be reseeded and matched up for the "Quarter-Finals" match play rounds on September 26, 2008.  Over the next 2 months winners will continue to play in Match Play format until a final Champion is determined.

Players will earn points at each event played. Points will be distributed by how players finish amongst the field in:  Gross Stroke Play, Net Stroke Play, Low Net Skins, and Team Play.  On occasion, Match play events may be instituted and extra points may be earned on matches won. 

The goal of those who wish to compete in the Seacoast Cup is to participate in the monthly events and earn as many points as possible.  One does not necessarily have to win events to earn points.  By just showing up and participating you will earn points.

September 12, 2008 - Wild Card Match Play - (Players 5-12) click for info

September 26, 2008 - Quarter Finals Match Play 

October 17, 2008 - Semi Finals Match Play

November 14, 2008 - Championship Match

Players with official golf indices will qualify for low net stroke play.  If a player does not have an official golf index, he may be assigned a course handicap for the day, but will only be able to qualify for low gross and team play.


Quest for the Seacoast Cup 2008


2008 Seacoast Cup Championship Final results

Player Finish
Curtis Chan 1
Mike Haug 2
Darren Maglidt 3
John Jensen 4
Larry Wood T5
Darryn Prince T5
Kent Coykendall T5
Dan Anderson T5
Bob Newby T9
Tony Spires T9
Bill Grow T9
Michael Gibbs T9


Curtis Chan - 2008 Seacoast Cup Champion

Chan def. Haug   3 and 1


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